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Giải bài mẫu đề thi TOEIC SPEAKING QUESTION 11 mới nhất 2024

Bài này mình sẽ cập nhật các câu hỏi TOEIC SPEAKING QUESTION 11 – cùng bài giải chi tiết mới nhất giúp các bạn ôn luyện.

Bài viết sẽ được cập nhất các câu hỏi tham khảo từ các group đi kèm lời giải gợi ý được biên soạn bởi mình. Danh sách này sẽ được cập nhật thường xuyên nên bạn nhớ lưu lại để ôn khi sắp thi nha

Giải bài mẫu đề thi TOEIC SPEAKING QUESTION 11


There are some advantages of allowing employees to wear casual clothes at work.

The biggest advantage is that wearing casual clothes can help employees save time to get ready in the morning. If people live far from their offices and need to commute a long way to work, it is ideal for them to wear simple clothes.

Besides, employees may feel comfortable when they can wear what they want, which can improve employee satisfaction. This can lead to less stress and increase employee productivity.

Studies show that people are more productive when they wear comfortable clothes to work.

For example/for instance, many companies, especially in the tech industry, do not require their staff to wear business attire at work. As a result, people can focus on solving complicated tasks.

For these reasons, I believe wearing casual clothes at work can boost employee satisfaction and productivity.

Increase/boost/improve employees morale and satisfactionTăng/thúc đẩy/cải thiện tinh thần và sự hài lòng của nhân viên
Increase employee retentionTăng khả năng giữ chân nhân viên
Save timeTiết kiệm thời gian
Save moneyTiết kiệm tiền
ComfortableThoải mái
Business AttireTrang phục công sở
Dress casually => wear casual clothesĂn mặc giản dị => mặc quần áo bình thường
Clothes = attire => business attireQuần áo = trang phục => trang phục công sở
Appropriate clothesQuần áo phù hợp

Yes, I think employees can improve their performance when their managers have a high expectation.

First, it is necessary for employers to set high goals for their staff. If the bar/ goal is set too low, employees can get bored easily and have no motivation to work harder or develop their professional skills.

Secondly, when leaders set high expectations, employees rise to meet them.

For example, in my previous job, my boss asked me to be in charge of a project. I needed to build a You tube channel with over 10,000 subscribers, which was a huge number for me then. I was so scared, but my manager encouraged me to think positively. Moreover, he also provided me and my teammates training to improve our skills. Eventually, we reached that goal thanks to his support.

For these reasons, if leaders set high goals, employees can feel motivated to improve their performance.  

Set high expectationĐặt kỳ vọng cao
Feel motivatedcảm thấy có động lực
Increase performanceTăng hiệu suất
Develop professional skillsPhát triển kỹ năng chuyên môn
Set the bar too lowĐặt tiêu chuẩn quá thấp
In charge ofPhụ trách


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